Genesis 29:30 And Jacob lived with Rachel also as his wife, and he loved Rachel more than Leah and served [Laban] another seven years [for her].

I write this to journal my journey to healing and deliverance. I believe sometimes our deliverance comes instantly and sometimes it is a process. But, I do believe with everything within me, it will come if we hold fast.

I am going to be very transparent in my postings. Perhaps you will see a little bit of yourself in me? Maybe you will say, “if God can deliver her then He can deliver me too.”

This is a journey of recovery from abusive relationships, rejection & abandonment, self-hatred, fear, bad choices, sabotage, ups & downs, and learning to shed my mask and be who I was created to be.

I never felt like I was someone’s first choice, I always felt like second. This is why I can relate to Leah and I think most of us can. I know I am the apple of Gods eye. You are too. And if it were for only me, He still would have given His life. This is what I know, now He is going to take what I know and plant it deep in my soul to bring healing, acceptance, and true love.

Welcome to my journey and I invite you to go the distance with me.


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