A Light for Your Path


Do not despise the seasons of loss, pain and heartbreak. For out of these seasons creativity is born. It can be used as a catalyst for growth and greater appreciation for all things beautiful and not so beautiful.

Don’t stay in the valley of “what if” and “if only.” This valley is a lonely walk to death.

Instead, lift your eyes to the hills, for that is where your help comes from. Your help, your healing, comes from Jesus alone. He has gone before you and He has made a way. He is all knowing and ever present. Do you truly believe He did not see this coming?

Some things are not meant for you to figure out. Are there things we could have done differently? Sure. But, my friend, we learn and we grow.

Stay close to Him, follow His voice, and He will direct your path. Faith is not faith until we put it into action. So have faith to believe He is with you and you have a future.

He is the light to your path, follow Him.

Be Free & Stay Free



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