Every End Has A New Beginning

The thing about endings is it opens a door to new beginnings. If you don’t let yourself get bogged down with the past.

No matter how good things were (so you thought), when you trust God, you can rest knowing the good byes will lead to new hello’s..

Did you lose a relationship, a job, a home… really, keep it in perspective. Nothing is counted as loss when you do it as unto the Lord. Do you need permission to let go? Give yourself permission to let go.

Trust God! Lean on Him! In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. He has created each of us with a gift and a calling. Sometimes along the way we think we get side tracked. But, it isn’t a sidetrack if we can learn and grow from it.

So, my friend, dry those tears, wipe those eyes, smile again, breathe again, and walk forward.

Leave the bitterness, anger, offense, confusion, and sorrow behind. Because what God has for you is for you.

Remember Who loves you!


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