I Will Rise

Sometimes when I think about His goodness to me… I just have to pause and inhale and take it in

It is humbling to know how much He loves me, even when I find it hard to love myself

When all is silent, when I can just get alone with Him, He speaks to me…

I feel His whisper caress my soul as He beckons me to come closer, to surrender, to be still

It is in these moments when the tears change..

they become tears of ….

oh, how do I say? How do I describe the tears that flow in the beauty of His presence? You know, the embrace from Him that makes all the burdens and fears…. vanish? How do I describe the tears, thick, heavy, slow… but not tears of sorrow, but tears that flow in response to His love and acceptance, because words fail me?

In His presence I want to fall to my knees and raise my arms to Him and call “Abba.”

Suddenly what seemed surmountable is now flat, what I thought would drown me has become a cool cup of water, and when I didn’t want to wake up or go to sleep, I am soothed with the lullaby of His heart beating my name

My God, my God, You are so good to me.

It is in the stillness He shows Himself strong. Forgive me for striving, forgive me for being afraid, forgive me for complaining.

I love You, Jesus.

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