I Want That!

I was thinking….

I never want to get so “old” or “self sufficient” that I won’t love someone passionately.

I never want to be in a place where I can do with or without someone.

I want to love again with all of me…. every bit of me… I want to be silly, to write corny love notes, and be playful.

I do not want to become too embittered I lose the excitement of romance in love and the anticipation of the closeness with the one who holds my heart.

I never want a love that is unwilling to be naked, open, real….

I want the kind of love and romance that will make young people laugh, roll their eyes, and feign embarrassment.

I don’t want to miss one moment or waste one second neglecting love.

I want that.

I am OK to be single, but if God should bring a husband to me…. I want to shower him with affections and bathe in his love.

I want to grow old with him, wrinkles, gray hair, and dignified.

I want to build memories and a legacy.

Because in the end, this is what matters.


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