Though My Eyes Have Not Seen, Yet

I am in love…

I don’t know if I have met him yet, but I feel him in my heart.

The Lord showed him to me, but he didn’t show me his face.

He has a heart like David. He will be free to worship God in spirit and truth.

He will be strong, able to stand in storms, face adversity with a laugh, and gentle in heart.

He will care for the orphans and widows, he will have compassion on the broken, he will be bold in his faith.

Because he has a heart like David, he will chase after Gods heart. He will be humble and God will raise him up.

He is not perfect, but he is healed. He is a man of integrity.

He will love me as Christ loves the church. He will honor me, cherish me, protect me, love me, because he honors God.

God will minister to me through him, and He will minister to him through me.

The three chord strand will be so woven around us nothing will separate us, but death.

I see him… I am standing beside him. My heart swells with love for him. I watch him love others with the love of Christ and my heart swells.

We will sing to the Lord and dance before the Lord together. Together we will be a force for hell to reckon with.

I will follow him where he leads, because I know he hears His voice.

I see him. He is strumming his guitar and singing to the Lord. The presence of His Spirit washes over us.

We hold hands, look into each others eyes, and with a kiss of love, we know it was all for a time such as this.

He is a good man, a righteous man. He is a good husband and father to our spiritual children. But above all, he is a good son, watching over all our Father has given to him.

I see him, I can’t see his face yet, but I feel him.

I am praying for him. I am praying for me, too. Oh, God, prepare me, take from me what hinders me, anything not of you, prepare me for the beautiful gift you will give us; a beautiful love story You have written.

He has taken my tears and is replacing them with laughter. He has taken my heaviness and replaced it with the desire to dance before Him.

Until we meet, my Love, I pray He keep us.

All in His timing.

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