We Will Always Have Paris

Our first dinner date was at a French Restaurant in Denver.


It was wonderful! Remember you thought I spoke French just because I knew a phrase. The waiter gave us a jar of the sauce for us to take home. Darn, I wish I could remember what was in that sauce.

I remember walking to the restaurant and we passed the couple who said we made a beautiful couple. It was our first time out together and it wasn’t the last time people said that to us. Remember how many people would comment about us together? How many said they wanted what we had. Yea, I wanted what we had too.

Yes, Paris became kind of a theme. I bought you the box with a picture of Paris on it, and I wrote on the inside, “We Will Always Have Paris.” I gave it to you to keep our love notes and mementoes in through the years. Yea, I kind of thought we would be together forever. You know, grow old together. Perhaps inside I knew we wouldn’t be, “We Will Always Have Paris” is kind of a like a farewell, isn’t it?

We began our goodbye right at hello. Strange, isn’t it.

We had all the ingredients for a fantastic love story. I don’t know, maybe I added too much sugar and you preferred dry?

So, here is to us, what we could have been. Here is to Paris, which now is just a box with old letters. Here is to the future, where we begin again.

adieu, mon amour


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