The Problem With Dead Things

I once knew someone who used to carry a corpse around with her, everywhere she went.

People would say, “Ew! What is that smell?”

“What smell? I don’t smell anything.” She would answer, as she sprayed perfume into the air.

“It smells like decay.” They would point at the corpse. “Shouldn’t you just bury that thing?”

“Oh no!” She would answer, as she tried to prop the corpse in an upright position. “It’s not dead, it’s just resting.”

Soon people began to avoid her. They would look at her with raised brow as she continued to talk to the corpse and try to feed it.

Her friends would gather together and talk about how someone has got to do something. They wanted to help her, but she refused to acknowledge the corpse was dead. Every time they would invite her places she would slow them down, because a corpse is heavy to carry, after all.

After awhile, even she began to notice the weight of the corpse, and yea… so maybe it did stink, a little. She began to miss her friends and the things she used to do. This dead thing was weighing her down. But, she didn’t know how to let go of it.

As you can imagine, if you carry a dead thing around for awhile, an infection is going to start to set in. This is what was happening with this person. She began to get sick. Her mind got cloudy, she could no longer think about anything else but that stinkin’ corpse. Her heart beat slower and she struggled to even breathe. Sleep eluded her, because it is not very peaceful laying next to a rotting thing.

But, she held onto the dead thing for so long, she didn’t know if she could ever get used to life again without it. It was once alive, she reasoned, maybe if I carry it awhile longer it will come back to life.

The problem with dead things… is… well, they are dead. There is no longer life in them. Eventually they will have to be buried. The living can not coincide with the dead. Besides, dead things make bad companions.

Finally she agreed to call the Physician. “Please help me.” She cried. “No matter what I do, I can’t revive this corpse.”

The Physician, with great care and love, looked her in the eyes, and with a gentle hand on her shoulder, said “Give me the corpse and I will heal you. Let Me have it, you were not meant to carry this.”

Slowly, and with much tears, she let go of the corpse. The Physician picked her up and held her. He comforted her with words of love and promise. He replaced the stench of death with the aroma of future. He stood her on her feet and she began to feel her strength renewed. Soon her tears stopped and her grief was replaced with joy.

I was this lady. I held onto things the Lord wanted me to let go of. I held onto a relationship that was dead and in the process of trying to bring it back to life, was slowly killing me.

I am so thankful for true friends who walked me through it. I am especially thankful for Jesus, the greatest Physician, Who healed my heart.

Do not let the stench of something dead follow you around. Do not be afraid to let go of the corpse you carry. Because trust, there is life even after death. Let it go. Give it to Him. Only then will your heart and your soul begin to heal.

8 thoughts on “The Problem With Dead Things

  1. I just read this whimsical yet very deep history to my darlingmost wificle. We laughed uncontrollably, we cried similarly and we were touched deeply.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting. I still laugh and cry and the try to laugh some more…. that’s another problem with dead things, we (I) keep trying to revive what needs to stay buried.

      One day at a time, one shovel at a time, and before you (I) know it, a new life blossoms. 🙂

      Your comment came at a perfect time to help me keep my focus. Thank you and be blessed


      1. I could not keep myself from reblogging it once but posting on Google+ a few times now. We all need to let go. When the donkeys die, the Jews get off quickly. When they leave town, it is time to go. We are the true Jews and we should learn to be doing the same.


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