He Says Come

I thought I lost so much, but I am now realizing I actually gained a lot.

In processing things and going through the grief of a break up, the Lord has really brought me through.

I was broken, not just over the loss of love, but the loss of a dream of a future with my husband in ministry. During the grief, I almost believed the lie that my dream of ministry went down the drain with the man. But that is NOT true!

Here I am, starting over. I have “lost” much, but gained so much more.

How wonderful!

If I had a home I would have to worry about it.

If I had a husband, I would have to consider him.

If I was still in my career, my time would be non existent.

What I went through was not for nothing. It has become a part of my testimony. I just know the devil wanted to kill me. But God! He is using it for my good and His purpose.

So, NO, it was not a loss. It was a gain, a blessing, to be released. Now I am free to serve the Lord and walk in my calling.

I am excited to share all He is doing and where He takes me. I am most excited to see others healed and set free.

I hope when you read this post, even though you do not know my full story, I pray it encourages you and reminds you, it doesn’t matter what things look like in the natural, the natural can not stop God. Close your eyes and listen. Listen for His voice and follow Him. He will lead you into green pastors, beside still waters, and nothing will be able to stop you.

Thank You, Jesus.


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