I Knew You, Not

I knew you

when you looked into my eyes, as if you were looking right into me

we shared giggles, long talks, walks

and hand holding

I knew you

when we shared our secrets, our dreams, our fears

and I trusted you with it all

I knew you

when you called me beauty, the sound of that half laugh you do

the way you walk as if you are in a hurry

I knew you

remembered everything, every blemish on your skin, the way your skin was dry in patches

the moles that looked like mine

I knew you

the feel of your hair, cut close, and the whiskers on your face

your nose, loved your nose

and your scent after working in the sun all day

I knew you

the way you folded your shirts, the coins you kept in your sock

and your many hats

I knew you

sharing a meal, the Irish nachos

a margarita

I knew you

when everyone noticed us

we were like gravity to the hurting people

we prayed with many

I knew you

playing your harmonica

remember when I thought it was on youtube and I came to the room and it was you

yea, it sounded nice

but, I liked the guitar better

I knew you

practicing tango, dancing with me

and when we lost our balance and fell (and laughed)

I knew you

your face on Skype, your voice on the phone, your words in text

good morning, beauty, I love you

I knew you

when we hit that bump in the road

you know the one, the one where a mans true character comes out

and it was then that I really knew you

and realized I didn’t know you at all

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