A few of my favorite things….

This is what I enjoy:

1. The smell of coconut, lilacs, and honeysuckle

2. The taste of lime on my lips

3. Thunderstorms

4. Mornings on the ocean

5. Evening walks on the beach

7. Fresh fallen snow

8. Smell of puppy breath

9. Driving with the top down and air conditioner on

10. The feel of a form fitting dress

11. The burn after a good workout

12. A scary movie with the lights out

13. Slow dancing with a lover (if I had one)

14. Long walks in the park

15. A blanket, fruit, cheese, and wine picnic

16. Good seats at a baseball game

17. Street vendor hotdogs

18.Holding hands

19. A mans chest (if I had one, a husband that is, not the chest)

20. A smile that lights up the eyes

21. Quiet moments

22. Long conversations with my lover (if I had one) with no words

23. Spooning (if I was married)

24. Walking barefoot in the grass

25. Playing fetch with a puppy

26. the sound of a baby’s laugh

27. A mans tears (not that I would make him cry)

28. Laughter

29. Slap stick humor

30. Praying together

31. Mornings

32. Listening to my man (if I had one) play guitar (even if he wasn’t that good)

33. Art that makes you think

34. The human body (it’s beautiful)

35. The smell of fabric softener

36. A man worshipping God

37. Secret jokes

38. Finishing a project

39. Meeting a deadline

40. Chocolate icecream (even though I am lactose intolerant)

41. Peanut Butter (there must be a million things to eat it with)

42. Different cultures and languages

43. The energy of a city

44. the sound of crickets and whipperwhirls and tree frogs

43. D& G Light Blue

44. Foot massage

45. Fresh manicure

46. Honesty (delivered gently)

47. Unwavering faith

48. A good sermon

49. Challenges that make me grow

50. Hugs

51. Long kisses (if I was married)

52. The smell of a man after a long day (if he was my husband)

53. Love letters

54. Good morning texts

55. To be called beautiful by the man I love

56. A faithful heart

57. Poetry

58. A poets heart

59. girls night with my girlfriends

60. Old movies

61. A good cry

62. Writing

63. Curry

64. Dancing to worship music

65. The feel of fingers in my hair

66. My arm being lightly tickled

67. Lightly tickling my mans arm (if I had one)

68. Eye contact

69. The feel of his breath on my neck

70. The sound of my name from my lovers mouth (if I had one)

71. The tango

72. Impromptu road trips

73. Street festivals

74. Street performers

75. Handball

76. Forgiveness

It is all in the simple things, huh? The things shared. Yea. Sigh.


8 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things….

  1. Puppy breath….there are more things on your list that I like but puppy breath. It stinks badly yet we like it; maybe Dr Phil can tell as why we like it and Dr Oz can tell us what it consists of. And that cute little Ellen boy can give someone a puppy, then the whole world is happy again.

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