What is Love?


Fear causes us to do foolish things, we use the cloak of distraction to not face our fear, and as long as we do this we will never overcome our fear.

We are afraid of being rejected, so we reject

We are afraid of being seen, so we hide

We are afraid to love, so we run

We are afraid of failure, so we do not try

We are afraid of looking foolish, so we don’t forgive

What is love if there is fear? It is not love. Love is sacrifice, love is unto death, death of ourselves, letting go of expectations and grudges. Love is forsaking of self and others, to hold fast to a promise. Love is ministry, walking together, through the valleys as though it were a mountain top.

Love is saying I am here and I will never leave you or abandon you.

Love is a warm shower, washing away the offense, covering the sin, and forgiving

Love is the cross

Love is Christ, Who we are to emulate

Love is commitment, honoring, and respected

Love is covenant before God and man

Love is outstretched hands and open arms… that says come as you are

Oh, that you could love me like that

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