In unguarded moments…

I am sharing these beautiful words from book of Rose. I encourage you to check out her blog for more beautiful words with depth.

2 thoughts on “In unguarded moments…

  1. Thank-you for this… I’m not used to having my words reblogged.

    Ironically, you chose to reblog something I was concerned about “putting out there.”

    Sometimes spiritual reality is raw…and not something we can always handle on our own.

    We have our own ideas, but “we wrestle not with flesh and blood…”


    1. Yes, it can be raw. Honesty and transparency is beautiful. It is in the raw brokenness that God can take it and turn it into a beautiful Rose.
      I am glad you put it out there. I know sometimes I wrestle with just how much I want to put out there about me, but I truly believe what the devil meant for evil, God will use for His glory.
      Keep writing your beautiful words.

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