Today is a much better day and I want to thank my friends and fellow bloggers that sent words of encouragement. You guys are an amazing group of people.

The community of Bloggers are a special people. It’s like we get each other. We read each others blogs, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, and sometime we walk away thinking with a different perspective.

Writing is good therapy to me. I have always enjoyed writing as long as I can remember. I remember scrawling on napkins, back of receipts, inside of books… anything I could write on to get my thoughts down. Are you like that too?

People think and learn in different ways. I am a talker. I have to talk it out. I talk to myself a lot. Writing is like talking. I write it out, just get it out there. Then later I look at what I wrote, sometimes I think…”what was I thinking?”  Then sometimes I think, “hey, this is good stuff.”

We are all individuals. We are different, yet the same.

I have been blessed to travel the country. Each place I visit has a different feel. The customs and lingo are different, but everyone is the same. We all have a need to be heard, to be understood, to be loved.

I am so thankful I am loved. Even if no one else loves me, I know He loves me.

I know we are sometimes words on a screen, but we are also people behind the words. Each of us gifted. Each of us with strengths and weaknesses. We have our ups and downs, our joys and our sorrows. I am thankful for you today. To be able to share my ups and downs, my joys and sorrows, and to receive encouragement. God bless you guys today, may all of us never forget who we are and what our purpose is. May the peace that only He can give envelop you.

Keep writing, someone is reading your words. They may not comment, but trust… you are making a difference to someone.


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