Come out, come out, wherever you are… Calling His Beauties Home

Crooked Places Straight


You see, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Each of us are unique creations with gifting’s we may not even be aware of.

We were created with a purpose for God, sadly some of us will never know it because you don’t understand who you are, or even to whom you belong.

The world will tell you how ugly you are. The devil will tell you how screwed up you are and remind you about your past. You fall prey to believing no one wants you, not even God, and your past dictates your future. You are covered with scars from childhood trauma, broken relationships, rejection after rejection, perceived failure upon failure. Some of the words spoken over you were as a razor strap, breaking your spirit and wounding your soul.

You wear a façade of strength and happiness, yet inside you cry. You hide your shame under make-up, job…

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