Cage of Soul Ties


This video is a message all by itself about destructive cycle of unholy soul ties.

(How soul ties are created is for another post)

It is a vicious cycle. I love you…. I hate you…. I love you…. I hate you…. Come close…. Get away….. Come close…. Get away… I wanna leave…. I can’t leave…. I wanna leave… I can’t leave…. I love you….. I hate you…. Apologies…. Accusations…

And around around we go.

Do you see the dirt on them from the sin of their entanglement? Do you see the violent passion? They claw at each other, they cling to each other, she leaves, taunts him, comes back….

I believe inside they believe they love each other. It may have started off like that, but the end result is anything but love.

Soul ties will consume you. It will cause you to do things you thought you would never do. It evokes jealousy, insecurity, hatred, depression.

This is why we must take care to stay close to Him. We must not place anyone above Him.

What we set our minds on is what we will become.

Jesus wants us to be free. He wants us to love freely and without fear.

The end of this video brought tears to my eyes. I have felt the pain they are feeling. You see their struggle. They want to love each other, but their love is tainted. This is not of God. I know it breaks His heart to see this.

She said, “I wanted it, I wanted it bad.” This is what happens when we grow impatient with God, when we take matters into our own hands… we push and fight for what we want. We think we want that person, but we do not pause to see what we are creating.

I think sometimes we get into situations like this one when we enter into a relationship before we are ready. We bring wounds from the past with us. We relate to each other because there is something so familiar with them, we think it is familiar because “we have so much in common.” I think we are familiar because the same demon that torments one of us, torments both of us. Only the demon doesn’t show his head until we are so entangled and tearing each other up.

I sigh…. what started as something beautiful and had so many possibilities became so ugly. I know it was not Gods will for it to get ugly. But we did not keep Him center. We became selfish. We became fearful and in self preservation we destroyed each other.

Sometimes I still wonder why we just couldn’t get it right. I mean, if we did love each other shouldn’t forgiveness and understanding be a given? Could we not heal together and be ministers of reconciliation?

No, because we are both sick from the soul tie. It would be like an alcoholic encouraging his friend to quit drinking while pouring himself a drink.

Oh, God, heal me. Heal him. Help me to let go of wrong thinking, shine Your light where there is darkness and expose the lie. Because my heart is still tender, because I still grieve, because I still miss him, because I love him…. I ask for nothing other than Your will be done, because right now I do not even trust my own judgement, my own heart. Break the tie from hell and forgive us for allowing the devil to has his day. Help me, Jesus, to walk in forgiveness and hope. Give me strength to not pry the door open. Holy Spirit, teach me. I want to cling to You. I want freedom!


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