What’s the Name of Your Trojan Horse?

Crooked Places Straight


I watched Troy this evening, the one with Brad Pit. The scene with the Trojan Horse comes on, my niece is asking a hundred questions, so I narrated what was happening. As I narrated it became more of a spiritual narration than about the movie.

Troy was a strong fortress, protected by a wall the enemy (the Greeks) could not penetrate. In order for the enemy to defeat Troy, they would have to get inside the city. But how?

The Greeks came up with a clever plan… “build a huge wooden horse, put our best warriors inside the horse, then Troy will carry us into the city, beyond the wall, unaware. Then when they fall asleep we will jump out of the horse and take the city.”

So, believing the Greeks gave up, Troy brought the horse into the gates… with much fan fare I might add. One man speaks up and says, “No! Do…

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