Something Beautiful

It is snowing today. It is beautiful. There is something peaceful about freshly fallen snow.

I took my puppy for a walk, put my head phones in, and listened to some K Love. This song came on and I want to share it with you.

I see myself in this song.

Me… sitting in this heap of a mess, brokenness, grief, up and down emotions.

This is not the way I saw my life right now. It feels like I was on a speeding train and hit a wall, without any warning. All the cargo was destroyed and I barely limped away from the train wreck.

I rehearse things a thousand times in my head. Trying to make sense of something that makes absolutely no sense.

I know He has me in the palm of His hands. I hold onto that. That is the wonderful thing about our God, He loves us even when we can’t find love for ourselves, when our self esteem has been depleted, and we are left feeling like the worlds biggest failure. But, we are never a failure when we trust Him who loves us, Him who holds the universe in His hands, He is mighty and quite capable…

Oh, but the load is heavy and the grief is thick. He says, “give it to Me.”

Out of all of this pain, this ugliness, He can and will turn it into something beautiful.

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